Elvea, a safe choice:

Since its foundation in 1885, the entire ELVEA range has been '100% Naturale'. 
ELVEA is committed - as a pure, healthy and authentic brand - to communicate this 100% natural message to consumers in a 100% transparent way.

For example, the FreeFrom.iDcard on our packaging shows that all ELVEA products are completely free of preservatives, artificial additives, colouring agents and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). On top of that, the entire range is gluten and lactose-free and vegan-friendly.

The nutrient score on our packaging also shows that 44 of the 45 products from the rich ELVEA range have a nutrient score A (= suitable for daily use in a balanced and healthy diet), except for Pomo e Legumi (score C).
100% natural
Are all ELVEA products 100% natural?
All ELVEA products consist of 100% natural ingredients since 1885. No chemical components, such as colourings, flavourings or preservatives, are added. The only additives in the ELVEA products are of natural origin.
Were adjustments made to be 100% natural? 
No, Elvea has been 100% natural since 1885.
Do ELVEA products contain sugar?
Tomatoes contain natural sugars, like other fruits such as strawberries also do. ELVEA only adds sugar to the products when necessary for the recipe. This is the case for the Pizza a casa, Pizza arrabbiata, Passata herb bouquet and Pomo e Legumi. On the freefrom.iDcard on the back of each package you will find the amount of added sugar and the type of sugar. We only use natural sugar, namely beetroot sugar.
Do ELVEA products contain gluten?
All ELVEA products are gluten-free. They are suitable for people who follow a gluten-free diet.
Are ELVEA products suitable for vegans?
All ELVEA products are 100% natural. No animal products are added. They are therefore perfectly suited for people who only eat vegan food.
Do ELVEA products contain salt?
Tomatoes contain natural salt, like spinach for example also contains salt. A minimal amount of salt is added for the taste. Some ELVEA products do not contain added salt and therefore have a salt content lower than 0.3 g. The products concerned are whole peeled tomatoes, whole peeled datterini tomatoes, polpa and cherry tomatoes. ELVEA double concentrate is also free of added salt but has a higher natural salt content of 0.5 g due to the concentration.
Do ELVEA products contain fat?
Most ELVEA products don’t contain fat. ELVEA only adds olive oil to the products when it is necessary for the recipe. This is the case for the Elvea Soffritto 340 g & 690 g, Elvea cubetti arrabbiata, Pomo e legumi 2 x 100 g and Pomo e Pepperoni 2 x 100 g. On the freefrom.iDcard on the back of each package you will find the amount of added fat.
Do ELVEA products contain lactose?
All ELVEA products are lactose-free. They are suitable for people who follow a lactose-free diet.
Do ELVEA products contain other allergens?
If an ELVEA product contains allergens (e.g. celery), it is clearly stated on the ingredient list on the packaging.
Some ELVEA products contain citric acid. What exactly is this?
Citric acid occurs naturally in citrus fruits. It is a natural ingredient that is added to some ELVEA products to bring the acidity of the tomatoes to the correct level. If a product contains citric acid, you will find it in the ingredients list.
100% Transparency
What is the FreeFrom.iDcard?
ELVEA is a pure, healthy and reliable brand. ELVEA wants to communicate all information about the natural origin of its products and the amount of added sugar transparently to the consumer. That’s why these data can be found on the FreeFrom.iDcard on the back of each package. People increasingly read labels and really want to know what’s in a product. With the FreeFrom.iDcard ELVEA offers an answer to this.
What does the Nutri-Score stand for?
Health-conscious consumers often find that it is not easy to find the right products in the supermarket. With the Nutri Score, consumers can choose healthy products at a glance.

The nutritional value of a product is represented by 5 letters from A (best score) to E (worst score) and 5 colours, with green and red as two extremes.
The Nutri-Score takes into account favourable parameters (fibres, proteins, fruit, nuts) and limits parameters (kilocalories, saturated fatty acids, sugars, salt).
This leads to a general assessment of the nutritional value of a product. The system is not mandatory but is encouraged.

Which Nutri-Score do ELVEA products have?
All products from the ELVEA range have a Nutri-Score A.
This means that they are suitable for daily use in a balanced and healthy diet. You will find the Nutri-Score on all ELVEA packaging, together with the nutritional value table.

Only the Pomo e Legumi has Nutri-Score C because this tomato concentrate is enriched with olive oil and natural flavours. 

Will the nutritional value table disappear from the packaging?

No, the nutritional value will remain available on the packaging, as usual.

Are ELVEA tomatoes GMO-free?
All ELVEA tomatoes are free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). ELVEA uses only 100% Italian tomatoes from Italian soil for an excellent, authentic taste. Tomatoes from Southern Portugal are used for the double concentrate 70 g, 135 g and 140 g. The ELVEA products are produced in Italian factories according to the formula of founder Luigi Vitelli.
Are the ELVEA cans BPA-free?
All our cans are free of Bisphenol A plastic.
What is ELVEA's position on sustainable enterprise?
ELVEA has the following certificates: ISO 9001 (European quality management certificate), IFS (International Food Standard, international standard on food safety) and amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative, system to improve working conditions in global supply chains). Our factories operate according to the standards of GLOBALG.AP (global requirements for agriculture and horticulture companies regarding food safety, sustainability and quality).
Moreover, as an organization we act according to the principle of 'Reduce, Recycle & Re-use'. Check out our Green page, where we give great tips about recycling.